What do I get for my money?

Sixpence Purse


Even though your coin may be several hundred years old it still needs to be looked after. Silver is a soft metal and wears easily - this is why coins of the same year can vary in price so much, price depends on the amount of wear.


You can keep your special sixpence safe in it's own velvet purse.

Personalised parchment scroll


The tradition of the silver sixpence is hundreds of years old. For Weddings, it is intended to bring wealth and prosperity for the happy couple. It is, however one of the few traditions that cannot be shown off to all present (even though they will get to see your garter!!) Traditionally the sixpence was placed in the bride's left shoe on the morning of the wedding by her father. It is believed that this dates back to the times when the father would provide the wedding dowry.


This tradition is something special for you and your fiancee to share and to make it extra special each one of our coins comes with a personalised parchment scroll. If you are looking to celebrate any other occasion; Anniversary, Birthday, Christening, Mothers'/Fathers' day,  i.e. just want to mark a special occasion - then personalising a parchment scroll will be a very individual way to convey your feelings to a loved one.


Parchment paper is very thick and contains cotton so it feels good. On your scroll, you can quite literally create any 'personal message' of your choice.  All have a red wax stamp of our new logo at the bottom of each scroll bringing in the old to the new.


Something special for you to share with your loved one. Here are some typical examples:-


Silk lined Presentation box


Many items that you will collect from your wedding will end up stored in a momentoes box and over time risk being damaged if not wrapped properly.


Your silver sixpence and scroll come packaged in a purpose made silk lined presentation box.


Your special sixpence and scroll will be kept safe over the years until maybe a time when you can use the sixpence to welcome your new born children into your home or even pass your sixpence on to your daughter at her wedding.


Traditions aren't just for Christmas!


We may modify the packaging (e.g. colour of box etc) from time to time.

Gift Wrapped


Whether you are buying this sixpence for yourself or for a friend it is important the way it is presented.


Your sixpence package will arrive safe in purpose made outer packaging and will be wrapped in tissue paper ready to be handed to your loved one.


The gift wrapping will also be tastefully personalised for the type of gift you are giving, i.e. weddings, christening, birthday etc.


A perfect gift for the perfect bride.